The Authorititave Voice

The Authoritative Voice

November 24, 2013 0 Comments

Ever call customer service only to be told, “There’s nothing I can do about your issue” or, “I don’t have the authorization to make a refund”?

Then, after asking to speak to a supervisor, an in-command voice comes on the line that says, “I can assist you with that problem” or “I can make the refund this time.”

The difference is the Voice of Authority:  The voice that assures customers, constituency or a crowd that a problem or issue will be investigated or resolved.  As Toastmasters, we can develop an Authoritative Voice in public speaking and interpersonal communication by remembering three important tips.

First, Think the Part:  Believe that you have the power and authority either from training or life experience to say what you’re saying.

Second, Speak the Part:  Speak with certainty by avoiding use of words such as perhaps or maybe.

Third, Be Short and Sweet:  Especially if your adrenaline is pumping, slow down, speak in short sentences, and leave pauses for your audience to soak up what you have said.

By thinking and speaking the part while speaking at an understandable rate, we can develop a more Authoritative Voice at work, home and in our community.

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