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Take It or Leave It…Right Now

December 20, 2013 0 Comments

Ever watch the game show Let’s Make A Deal?  A costume clad audience member is faced with several prize options and must make an instant decision as to which to choose.  Curtain #1?  Maybe curtain #3?  The prize choice must be made quickly; after all, it’s only a 60 minute show!

Customers may sprint away like a Road Runner

Some salespeople ask for an instant decision from their customers.  With a one-time customer, as with a retail sale, asking for a quick decision is expected.  After all, in retail, the mall closes at 9, and customers must vacate the premises.  But when building a long-term relationship with a customer, salespeople might want to rethink the quick sale approach.

“Take it or leave it…right now” might make a potential long-term customer sprint away faster than the Road Runner.  Build a long-term customer by avoiding hard-sell, I-need-a-decision-right-now-or-nothing pressure.  Instead of demanding an instant decision, ask your customer for a time you can visit or call to get a decision.  With a returning customer, take the time to build the relationship.  The return on your patience might just be a life-long client.

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