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Speakers who inspire or persuade often aim to motivate their audiences to action.  The call to action articulated by speakers could be for listeners to vote a certain way, change a negative behavior, join a group, try a new type of food, or even to have a new outlook on life.

Often, however, in their zeal to encourage their audiences, speakers sometimes forget one important communicative step.  Tell the audience how.

After listening to a motivational or persuasive speaker, I am usually on board with their positive message.  But sometimes, I find I have been given no tangible steps to take toward getting to the goal!  Persuade me to become a member of Toastmasters?  Pass out membership applications and tell when where and when the meetings are.  Motivate me to be more organized?  Tell me how to set up an electronic filing system, or closet cubbies for my handbags.

When speaking to persuade or motivate, giving your audience an action “how” step will keep them engaged and more receptive to your message, helping to make you a more effective public speaker.

September 8, 2013 0 Comments